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My artworks are a marking point of

vulnerability: I feel;
and admission of: I am letting go.

In fragments, short tangents, and circuitously: I think and speak of my art and its practice ethos. The core of my art-making is a deep-seated -need- to approach a: situation, (an) event, and associated emotions from a place of curiosity to analyze, commemorate, and then materialize.

My artworks are a series of memories -the stages of recollection(s), the forgotten details, and the deliberate omissions- on repeat. A continuous process of reconditioning to cement a practice of death and rebirth by constructing and deconstructing a space to belong.

Becoming memories of tomorrow(s) and recollections from yesterday(s). The lives it [memory of a feeling] lives in its new form continue to become.

Undo, and repeat.

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Sara Al Haddad (b. 1988) is an artist born and based in Dubai, UAE.

She was a Fulbright Scholar at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, receiving her MFA in Sculpture (2016). She received her BFA in Visual Communication from the American University in Dubai (2011).

info at sara-alhaddad dot com
Sara Al Haddad, self portrait 2011, portrait by Loujina Mounir
self portrait photoshoot 2011, photo: loujina mounir

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